Parque Nacional Cotubanamá – Eastern Entrance

Punta Cana & the Southeast

There's little formality or information available from this entrance as few people enter here (and nobody is around to collect an entrance fee), but there's a long, easy-to-follow road that hugs the coast for many kilometers and involves some hiking up a moderately steep slope to make it to the top of the rugged bluffs with beautiful views of the ocean. There is good birdwatching here if you’re out early enough.

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Nearby Punta Cana & the Southeast attractions

1. Cueva de Berna

0.87 MILES

This large cave, with scattered Taíno pictograms (and graffiti) and stalactite and stalagmite formations, is several kilometers west of Boca de Yuma on…

2. Casa Ponce de León

5.67 MILES

Just east of the two-lane highway linking Higüey to Boca de Yuma, outside the small town of San Rafael del Yuma, is a fine rural Dominican town surrounded…

3. Parque Nacional Cotubanamá


Much more than simply Isla Saona, which is all that most people see on a group tour, the Parque Nacional Cotubanamá (formerly known as Parque Nacional del…

4. Cueva del Puente

11.61 MILES

Parque Nacional Cotubanamá has more than 400 caves, many of which contain Taíno pictographs (cave paintings) and petroglyphs (rock carvings)…

5. Padre Nuestro

12.17 MILES

Located deep inside Parque Nacional Cotubanamá, Padre Nuestro is a weaving stalagmite- and stalagtite-filled 290m tunnel flooded with freshwater that can…

6. Isla Catalinita

12.33 MILES

This tiny uninhabited island on the eastern edge of Parque Nacional Cotubanamá is a common stop on snorkeling and diving tours. Arriving on the island’s…

7. Playa Dominicus

13.2 MILES

The advantage of staying in Dominicus Americanus is being able to walk to Playa Dominicus, a beautiful stretch of thick, nearly white sand, with good…

8. Playa Bayahibe

13.96 MILES

Much of Playa Bayahibe, the town beach to the right of the parking lot, is occupied by dozens of motorboats waiting to ferry tourists to Isla Saona…