Sagnlandet Lejre


In this fascinating experimental archaeology centre, enthusiastic re-enactors use ancient technology to test out various theories: how many people does it take to build a dolmen? What plants might have been used to dye clothing? And how do you stop the goats eating your reed roof?

A 3km-long path takes you through beautiful rolling landscapes past a Viking Age marketplace, prehistoric burial mounds, a dancing labyrinth and the Iron Age village ‘Lethra’, through fields of ancient crops, and down to a sacrificial pool and over precarious staked-wood bridges.

Kids can paddle dug-out canoes, attempt to work a fire drill and chop up logs using primitive axes. On weekends and holidays there are many more folks in costume than mid-week out of season. Allow around three hours, or more. Note that tickets are valid for unlimited visits throughout the same calendar year.

From Roskilde trains run hourly at six minutes to the hour and take seven minutes to reach Lejre station. On weekdays (10.05am to 4.05pm) these are met by bus 233, which continues to both Ledreborg Palace and Sagnlandet Lejre (eight minutes).

By car, from Roskilde take Ringstedvej (Rte 14), turn right on Rte 156 and then almost immediately turn left onto Ledreborg Allé. Follow the signs to Ledreborg (6km). Sagnlandet Lejre is 2km beyond.

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