Trapholt museum building, a museum of contemporary art and design located in Kolding, Denmark.

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Top choice in Southern Jutland

Design buffs should get out of town to the Trapholt modern art and design museum, housed in an architectural wonder in Kolding's residential northeastern outskirts. There are a couple of classic artworks from the Skagen artists, vibrant modern pieces and a sculpture garden. Downstairs, the ace furniture collection has examples of covetable Danish chairs, with many fine examples by the likes of iconic designers Hans Wegner, Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen.

One of Trapholt's more intriguing exhibits is Jacobsen’s prototype summerhouse, Kubeflex (the only one of its kind). It was designed by Jacobsen in 1969–70 and involves cubic modules designed to be added to as the need arose. The house is open at 1pm and 3pm daily (also at 11am weekends).

All up, Trapholt is one of the most impressive museums in Jutland – and the view-enriched cafe and gift shop are also top-notch. Take bus 7 or 9 to get here.

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