Powder Gate

Tower in Staré Město

Image by Peter Erik Forsberg Getty Images

Construction of the 65m-tall Powder Gate was begun in 1475 on the site of one of Staré Město’s 13 original city gates. The exterior is a froth of Gothic decoration, while the interior houses little more than a few information panels about the tower's construction – the main attraction is the view from the top.

The gate was built during the reign of King Vladislav II Jagiello as a ceremonial entrance to the city, but was left unfinished after the king moved from the neighbouring Royal Court to Prague Castle in 1483. The name comes from its use as a gunpowder magazine in the 18th century. Josef Mocker rebuilt and decorated it and put up a steeple between 1875 and 1886, giving it its neo-Gothic icing.