Italian Court

Kutná Hora

East of St James Church (kostel sv Jakuba; 1330) lies the Italian Court, the former Royal Mint – it gets its name from the master craftsmen from Florence brought in by Wenceslas II to kick-start the business, and who began stamping silver coins here in 1300. The original treasury rooms hold an exhibit on coins and minting. At time of research, the building was undergoing long-term renovation, due to continue through 2021, and some of the interiors, including the mint, may not be accessible.

During the renovation, one guided tour (in English) is available and visits the 15th-century Audience Hall, with its impressive 19th-century murals depicting the 1471 election of Vladislav Jagiello as king of Bohemia, and the Decree of Kutná Hora being proclaimed by Wenceslas IV and Jan Hus in 1409.

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