Playa Larga

Isla de la Juventud

Playa Larga is the star of La Isla's south-coast beaches, lying about 12km south of the village of Cayo Piedra. The long strip of white sand fronting a (usually) calm sea is clean, inviting and practically virgin. There are no facilities.

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1. Criadero Cocodrilo

11.4 MILES

This farm has played an important part in crocodile conservation in Cuba over the last few years and the results are interesting to see. Harboring more…

2. Cueva de Punta del Este

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The Cueva de Punta del Este, a national monument 59km southeast of Nueva Gerona, has been called the 'Sistine Chapel' of Caribbean indigenous art. Long…

3. La Jungla de Jones

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Situated 6km west of La Fe, several kilometers off the main road (look for the sign), Jungla de Jones is a 'botanical garden' containing more than 80 tree…

4. Punta Francés

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This beach is the location of the National Maritime Park, accessible by a 90-minute boat ride from the marina just south of Hotel Colony. The white-sand…

5. Presa El Abra

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Where have all the folk from Nueva Gerona gone? Gone to cool off in Presa El Abra, every one. On a scalding La Isla afternoon, you'd best join them. With…

6. Museo Finca el Abra

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On October 17, 1870, the teenage José Martí spent nine weeks of exile at this farm-prison before his deportation to Spain. Legend has it that the…

7. Presidio Modelo

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Welcome to the island's most impressive yet depressing sight. Located near Reparto Chacón, 5km east of Nueva Gerona, this striking prison was built…

8. Museo Municipal

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In the former Casa de Gobierno (1853), the Museo Municipal houses a small historical collection that romps through the best of the island's past. It…