Vega Quemado del Rubi

Pinar del Río Province

The tobacco farm of Hector Luis Prieto currently produces the 'Champagne' of Cuban cigars and invites visitors to find out exactly how they're nurtured. Prieto is Cuba's youngest-ever winner of the prestigious Hombre Habano award, given annually to the nation's best tobacco producer, and his 6-hectare farm, which rears around 250,000 tobacco plants a year, offers detailed tours in English, French and Spanish.

But that's just half of it. At Prieto's wonderfully relaxing farm you can also go horseback riding, sit down for lunch, partake in a bit of cigar–rum pairing or even stay over in one of two wooden cabins (CUC$45 to CUC$50 per night). In the true spirit of eco-endeavor, the farm also allows volunteers to partake in agricultural work, which becomes more interesting during the tobacco growing season between November and February.

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