Rancho Querete

Sancti Spíritus Province

The nexus for the Jobo Rosado Reserve is just off the main road a few kilometers east of Yaguajay and is equipped with a bar-restaurant, natural swimming hole, biological station and small 'zoo' (roosters mainly). Guided hikes (CUC$5) can be organized here.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Sancti Spíritus Province attractions

1. Museo Nacional Camilo Cienfuegos

0.85 MILES

This excellent museum was opened in 1989 and is eerily reminiscent of the Che Guevara monument in Santa Clara. Camilo fought a crucial battle in this town…

2. Jobo Rosado

5.07 MILES

This 40-sq-km managed-resource area is still little-explored by independent travelers, although organized groups come here. Organize guided hikes through…

3. Parque Nacional Caguanes

8.11 MILES

Strict conservation measures mean public access to Parque Nacional Caguanes with its caves, aboriginal remains and flamingos is limited but not impossible…

4. Crab Statue

20.4 MILES

The entrance to Caibarién is guarded by a giant crustacean, the town's symbol, designed by Florencio Gelabert Pérez and erected in 1983.

5. Museo Municipal María Escobar Laredo

20.87 MILES

Even humble Caibarién had a heyday (although it was a while ago): find out more about it here in one of the city's most elegant buildings, the former…

7. San Pascual

21.04 MILES

One of the area's oldest and oddest curiosities is this San Diego tanker, built in 1920 and wrecked in 1933 on the far side of Cayo Francés, just west of…

8. Museo Municipal de Chambas

22.22 MILES

Contains pre-Columbian artifacts from the nearby Los Buchillones archaeological site. The museum is in the town of Chambas, 10km northeast of Florencia.