Puente de Bacunayagua

Bridge in Playa Jibacoa Area

Marking the border between Havana and Matanzas Provinces, this is Cuba’s longest (314m) and highest (103m) bridge. Begun in 1957 and finally opened by Fidel Castro in September 1959, it carries the busy Vía Blanca across a densely wooded canyon that separates the Valle de Yumurí from the sea. There's a snack bar and observation deck (8am to 10pm) on the Havana side of the bridge, where you can sink some drinks in front of one of Cuba’s most awe-inspiring views.

You'll be looking out over hundreds of royal palm trees standing like ghostly sentries on the sheering valley slopes and, in the distance, dark, bulbous hills and splashes of blue ocean.

The snack bar and observation deck are a favorite stopping-off point for tour buses and taxis, and aside from hiring a car, these are your only means of visiting.