Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Central & Eastern Istria

Labin's parish church – originally built in the 11th century but tinkered with until the 18th – has a Venetian lion over the main door and baroque marble altars inside. Note the trompe-l'œil effect on the ceiling, painted to look like it's coffered.

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1. Labin Public Museum

0.01 MILES

The ground floor of this museum, housed in the baroque 18th-century Battiala-Lazzarini Palace, is devoted to archaeological finds. Upstairs is a…

2. Loggia

0.05 MILES

This 1550 loggia served as the community centre of Labin in the 16th century. News and court verdicts were announced here, fairs were held and wayward…

3. Fortress

0.08 MILES

Labin's fortress once stood at the highest point of the old town. There's no longer a fort to speak of (although there is a canon) but it's well worth…

4. Plaža Girandella

2.32 MILES

Rabac's best beach is this series of pebbly coves in front of the immense Valamar Girandella resort complex. It's well maintained by the resort, but most…

5. Rescue Centre for Griffon Vultures

11.29 MILES

Housed at the Beli Visitor Centre, this place is home to, at last count, six juvenile griffon vultures that are being prepared for tagging and release…

6. Beli Beach

11.45 MILES

An archetypal Adriatic beach – secluded, wonderfully quiet and strewn with pebbles – 130m below the pretty village of Beli.

7. Church of the Annunciation

11.81 MILES

This 16th-century parish church on the east side of the main square has a Renaissance facade made of local cut stone, and five elaborate Venetian marble…

8. Morosini-Grimani Castle

11.83 MILES

The northern part of the main square is occupied by this beautiful 13th-century fortified palace. Its present appearance, including its towers, are a…