Finca Köbö

To Corcovado via Puerto Jiménez

About 8km south of La Palma, Finca Köbö is a chocolate-lover’s dream come true (in fact köbö means ‘dream’ in Ngöbere). The 20-hectare finca is dedicated to the organic cultivation of fruits and vegetables and – the product of choice – cacao. Tours in English give a comprehensive overview of the life cycle of cacao plants and the production of chocolate (with degustation!). More than half of the territory is dedicated to protecting and reforesting natural ecosystems.

To really experience the beauty and vision of this finca, you can stay in simple, comfortable teak cabins and bungalows (US$95 to US$105, including breakfast; dinner availble for US$15), with lovely open-air bathrooms and quality linens.

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