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The volcano may be dormant, but plenty of adventure still awaits you here. There are trails to hike, waterfalls to rappel down, and sloths to spot. No matter what your preferred method of exploring – hiking, biking, horseback riding, ziplining – you can do it here. And when your body says it’s had enough, you can ease into a volcano-heated pool to soak your aches away.

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Horseback Riding in Arenal River from La Fortuna

Canyon River Trail Ride: an unstoppable adventure that crosses rivers, waterfalls, jungle, Maleku Village and more. Path designed for nature lovers.A beautiful example of the Costa Rican country site will be found on the road, livestock farms and agriculture, also the opportunity to see some birds such as oropendolas and toucans.The duration of the tour is approximately four hours; from La Fortuna we have to travel 5.5 kilometers to the southeast. Spend 1.5 hours to get to the resting place of the horses.

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Pura Vida Cooking Class in La Fortuna

We could start early to cook some "Gallo Pinto" -our typical breakfast- a delicious combination of rice and beans with special sauces and chopped onions, cilantro and more spice. We can also practice how to prepare some home "Tortillas", some "Empanadas" to be filled with plantains, cheese, beans or any other surprise. The chicken on Annatto sauce is also a traditional recipe in Costa Rica that we can easily learn and cook for our loved ones. Starting at the afternoon allow us to cook some "Picadillo" which is a combination of different chopped vegetables and other ingredients. May be some "Patacones", or chips of local vegetables. We will choose one of these dishes to learn and create.Come, learn, cook, have fun in a fascinating scenery and take something that you can share with your friends when you get back home.Of course! We cannot end without preparing a very traditional dessert or beverage. Please Enjoy.

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Safari Float with Tortilla making Tour from La Fortuna-Arenal

Your day of adventure and cultural immersion begins on the Peñas Blancas Safari Float, the perfect spot for everyone from the very youngest to the very oldest nature lover in your group to get close enough to hear the sounds of the wildlife. Monkeys, the Long-Nosed bat, Iguanas, Jesus Christ lizards,  and much more reside along the banks of this amazing river. After returning to the dock, you will depart for the Doña Mara Tortilla Making Experience, and visit with a local family. This time at Doña Maras home will give you a better understanding of the meaning of “Pura Vida” (pure life) experienced by rural Costa Ricans. This authentic cultural experience should be a part of everyone’s visit to Costa Rica!You will be welcomed with a tropical drink (pineapple, orange and coconut water) at the "rancho" (like a gazebo) and enjoy a delicious typical lunch prepared on Doña Mara’s rustic wood-fired stove. While lunch is cooking, you will get an opportunity to try your hand at making tortillas from freshly ground corn “masa.” You will learn how to flatten the dough into perfect circles, ready for cooking – and for the best part – you will get to enjoy the fresh home-made tortillas served with lunch! Guests are encouraged to practice their Spanish and learn about the Costa Rican culture while eating lunch with the family. 

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Full day Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna Waterfall and Hotsprings

Our day begins…After picking you up we go on a short drive to get to our departure point. Here we start with an easy forest walk along the crystal clear La Fortuna river. En route we hop on a tractor cart that takes us up hill to a panoramic viewpoint. Having seen our objective in the distance we start a trek down a jungle staircase. Halfway down we reach a high suspension bridge that needs to be conquered to continue.  The trail leads us further down the huge canyon that was shaped by a volcanic mega eruption.Coming to the end of the canyon the spectacular La Fortuna waterfall awaits you. Be amazed by the lush vegetation on its 70mtr high walls, the huge Vulcanic rocks at its foot and the amount of water splashing down in its massive pool. We take time to bask in its beauty and the brave ones can go out and take a super refreshing dip.Getting back to the viewpoint we walk down to the little village of the Maluku Indians. Seated in their Palenke (main house) we enjoy a rest while listening to an interesting story about their culture, art and history.Having been active for some hours the moment has come to enjoy a warm typical lunch. Next to the restaurant there is a butterfly garden and frog pond you can explore till food is served.Reenergized we take a 15minute ride to the park at the foot of the Arenal volcano. We start on a trail through primary forest where you can see big trees with huge roots. Besides a variety of birds the forest is host to Monkeys as well as Sloth´s and Coati’s.Out of the forest, we cross farmland till we get to a green lake. Passing a cemetery of the eruption victims we reach the wall of Lava from the ´68 eruption. Going up some steep steps we arrive on top of the huge mass of lava rocks. Following a trail that is cut out through the rocks we climb our way up the slopes of the Arenal. Reaching the highest Viewpoint that exist around the Volcano we can absorb the most spectacular panoramic views. Looking around it just gets better, Lake Arenal, Jungle, the Valley, Lava fields and most of all the  Arenal that towering over you     To finish the tour in the most relaxing way, you will be taken to the natural hot water river. You can relax in its soothing warm water for about an hour and you can enjoy a volcanic mud facial and a complementary cocktail. Around 7pm we will take you back to your hotel..

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Nature and culture hiking to El Burrito waterfall by Canoe Aventure

Our activity starts right before 8 a.m. by leaving the town of La Fortuna with a drive for around 15 minutes in order to reach the community of El Burrito, there we continue our drive on a gravel road in the middle of cattle farms that will take as to an altitude of around 600 meters above sea level up in the mountains and this section of the drive will take around another 15 minutes, until we get to the entrance of our trail that will take us into the beautiful rainforest. Once we start the hike in our trail we will be entering the rainforest and making the transition to the cloud forest which is also part of the Children's Eternal Forest. On this trail we will hike for approximately 2 hours until we reach our final goal that is the beautiful “El Burrito Waterfall” of approx. 40 mts. drop. In this hike we will be able to enjoy a diversity of flora and fauna, also we will have the experience of crossing rivers of crystal clear water and also find different species of birds, and if we are lucky observe white faced monkeys, spider monkeys, small mammals, natural water springs and diversity of lush plants and a large tree that its roots will take your breath away, take in consideration that this is mostly primary forest. When we arrive at the waterfall we take a break of approximately 20 to 30 minutes, so you can load up energy from mother nature and feel the strong breeze that the water falling makes. After you have charge your energy we will continue the trail for 45 more minutes until we reach our rustic ranch that has a unique dirt floor, there we prepare a snack of fresh fruits and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the north plains that can only be observe from this altitude of 600 meters above the sea level and do not forget that Arenal Volcano and right beside us. Also, we will have the opportunity to see different typical Costa Rican crops such as yucca, ñampi and tiquizque (there like sweet potatoes), plantains, bananas, sugar cane, aromatic plants and many other fruits and if there are any fruits on season you are more than welcome to help yourself. We will finish the activity with a 20-minute drive back to La Fortuna.  

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Arenal Volcano Hike Tour

This tour will simply amaze you, it starts with a short boat ride from the Arenal Lake Dam to the entrance of “La Península”, this path will take you through the forest in the most recent national park trails area, you will hike with amazing views of the Arenal Lake and enjoy fantastic lookouts, this trail is special for birdwatching and nature photography.Then you’ll go to areas that were once destroyed by volcanic activity and are now in the process of regeneration, a hike through the “Coladas Trail” will take you all the way to experience what no long ago were lava flows. Nature, geology and volcano history all in the hands of our professional guides.Arenal Volcano before the active period started on 1968 was covered by a lavish canopy of vegetation, the people who climbed Arenal’ s summit told that inside the crater there were big trees and they slept in places where there was some heat due to small steam outlets.Right now the green areas are located at the east side of the mountain, and other little green parts can be seen on the north and the south of the volcano. Enjoy the most of the Arenal Volcano National Park by joining this exclusive tour.

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