Las Cataratas de Los Chorros

Central Valley & Highlands

About 7km southeast of Grecia, north of Tacares and Flores, are two gorgeous waterfalls and a swimming hole surrounded by shaded areas and picnic tables. It’s a popular spot for weekending couples. Look for the sign on Rte 722 heading north of Flores. Just beyond the sign is a grassy parking lot. Pay the attendant around US$6 and then walk approximately 15 minutes along a stony, sometimes muddy, dirt track to the spectacular falls; the first is 40m high.

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Nearby Central Valley & Highlands attractions

1. Rock Bridge

1.85 MILES

About 5km south of Grecia, a bend in the road leads to an 18th-century rock bridge connecting the hamlets of Puente de Piedra and Rincón de Salas. Locals…

2. Zoo Ave

2.58 MILES

About 10km west of Alajuela is this well-designed animal park with more than 115 species of bird on colorful, squawking display. The tranquil 14-hectare…

3. Catedral de la Mercedes

2.66 MILES

At the heart of town you’ll find the incredibly quaint Catedral de la Mercedes, a red metal structure that was prefabricated in Belgium and shipped to…

5. Parque Central

5.02 MILES

The shady Parque Central is a pleasant place to relax beneath the mango trees or people-watch in the evenings.

6. Cathedral

5.06 MILES

East of Parque Central is this 19th-century Roman Catholic church, which suffered severe damage and was reconstructed after earthquakes in 1941 and 1991…

7. Parque Juan Santamaría

5.09 MILES

Two blocks south of Parque Central, this plaza features a statue of Juan Santamaría in action, flanked by cannons. Across the way, the Parque de los Niños…

8. Jardín Botánico Else Kientzler

5.62 MILES

This well-tended botanical garden 400m north of Sarchí stadium has 2km of trails winding through more than 2000 types of clearly labeled plants, including…