Johnny Cay Natural Regional Park

Beach in San Andrés

This protected 4-hectare coral islet sits about 1.5km north of San Andrés Town. It's covered with coconut groves and surrounded by a lovely white-sand beach that's easily the best in San Andrés. The sunbathing is good, but be careful swimming here as there are dangerous currents. Boats leave from the main San Andrés Town beach (round trip on a colectivo/private boat COP$10,000/30,000 per person). The last boat back is at 5pm in high season, 3:30pm in low season.

As well as the taxi fare and entry to the cay, you'll be charged for food and drink you consume during your stay. Most of the time you'll be met by an unofficial waiter/fixer who will arrange refreshments for you during your stay and will keep a tab for you that you can pay at the end. Bear in mind that the cay can fill up far beyond capacity, and tourists fight for space with the estimated 500 iguanas that call the place home.