This small town in the inner part of San Andrés, also known as the Hill, is one of the most traditional places on the island. It's noted for its 1847 Baptist church, the first to be established here. Be sure to take a stroll and absorb the unique atmosphere – it's the least Colombian-influenced part of the island.

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Nearby San Andrés attractions

1. La Piscinita

1.77 MILES

Located just south of El Cove, La Piscinita is a good site for snorkeling. It has usually calm water, plenty of fish (which will eat out of your hand) and…

2. Cayo El Acuario

1.87 MILES

Off the east coast of San Andrés and right next to Haynes Cay, Acuario is a sandbank frequently visited by boat (round trip COP$15,000). The surrounding…

3. Haynes Cay

1.94 MILES

This small, rocky island doesn't offer beaches, but it's an idyllic and wild spot full of iguanas and great for snorkeling. There're a couple of…

4. San Luis

2.29 MILES

Located on the island's east coast, San Luis boasts white-sand beaches and some fine traditional wooden houses. The sea here is good for snorkeling,…

5. Johnny Cay Natural Regional Park

3.07 MILES

This protected 4-hectare coral islet sits about 1.5km north of San Andrés Town. It's covered with coconut groves and surrounded by a lovely white-sand…

6. Hoyo Soplador

5.69 MILES

At the southern tip of the island, the Hoyo Soplador is a small geyser where sea water spouts into the air (up to 20m at times) through a natural hole in…