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Most travelers will pass through Armenia only long enough to change buses; however, the city has the fine Museo del Oro Quimbaya and excellent Parque de la Vida, which make it interesting enough for a day or so.

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$159 Cultural & Theme Tours

Armenia Coffee in the Mountains Private Tour Including Lunch

Begin your tour with a pickup from your centrally located hotel in Armenia at 9:00am. Make your way to a traditional restaurant located in Calarca, Quindío called La Super Forcha de Barcelona. There, you will learn of the beverages the former settlers drank for survival and enjoyment. Afterwards, drive to the beautiful municipality of Buenavista where you will enjoy your first cup of coffee at Extasis Café. The cafe is a calming place, with workers committed to offering quality products from small coffee growers. Next, make your way to La Terraza San Alberto where you will enjoy delicious coffee and beautiful landscape. After descending the mountain, you will go to Café Concorde to taste yet another special coffee from the Andes mountains. Then, head towards Pijao, where you will enjoy lunch in a typical restaurant adorned with elements of the coffee culture. After lunch, enjoy another cup of coffee as you listen to stories about the indigenous population that were in the region hundreds of years ago. Drive back to your hotel at the end of the day.

$149 Cultural & Theme Tours

Quimbaya Culture Private Tour with Lunch

Uncover a fascinating culture called Los Quimbayas and learn more about coffee during this exclusive private tour. The tour begins at Museo del Oro Quimbaya in Armenia, this is a place characterized by an architecture that surrounds completely the visitor into the world of an ancient indigenous culture called Los Quimbayas who were recognized for their goldsmithing art skills. In memory of this culture we keep treasures and places that prove their existence. After you visit the museum it's time for lunch in one of the best restaurants in Armenia where you will find several menus to choose from. Then you will enjoy a peaceful place called El Parque de la Vida that is one of the largest green spaces in Armenia with a total area of about twenty acres, this eco-tourism area serves the residents of the city as a haven for everyday life. Finally you will taste the best cherries harvested manually one by one, benefit and classified with different special techniques to highlight the softness, the aroma and the flavor of one of the best coffee in the world with a professional barista.

$159 Cultural & Theme Tours

Armenia to Filandia and Salento Full-Day Private Coffee Tour

Discover the coffee production process from its place of origin, the methods of production, the harvest and the post-harvest processes in a big coffee farm surrounded by beautiful nature and good weather.  Next, travel to Filandia municipality to experience the work of great artisans who are committed to preserving the cultural heritage and development of the traditional crafts.Gain insight into the cultural significance of the coffee drink, learning about its characteristics in a place called "El Tambo" where you will find a monumental structure called "La Taza en el Aire Toma Café” that pays tribute to the values of the national drink. This is a great place to experience the landscape, the aroma and flavor of the best coffee in the world.After enriching your knowledge about coffee, sit down to enjoy a great specialty coffee with sweet aroma and taste in the beautiful and peaceful municipality of Salento. Later, return to your hotel with more knowledge about how to differentiate between a good cup of coffee and an average cup.

$149 Cultural & Theme Tours

Armenia, Quindio Botanical Garden and Coffee Farm Private Tour

Your tour starts with a pick-up from your hotel in Armenia. From there you'll visit the Botanical Garden of Quindio for an unforgettable experience. With over 3,000 butterflies from 50 different species, The Botanical Garden of Quindio preserves a native forest, with collections of medicinal plants, cacti, heliconias (a native flowering plant), among many other kinds of flora and fauna.In the middle of the day, you'll enjoy a typical 'bandeja paisa' lunch, a delicious and traditional meal of the region.From there, the tour includes a visit to a theme park called Recuca where people learn about the coffee culture. Taking on the role of a farmer through the whole process of growing, harvesting and post-harvest of this delicious fruit which for many years has transmitted the identity of Columbia. This experience will allow you to enjoy all the smells and flavors of coffee during the transformation process and at the end of the day you can enjoy a coffee tasting produced from this beautiful farm.You'll be dropped off back at your hotel at the end of this tour.

$179 Day Trips & Excursions

Armenia to Cordoba Waterfalls Hiking Adventure Private Tour

Take a break from the city for an unforgettable day of hiking through the beautiful landscape outside Armenia on this visit to the most impressive waterfalls in the coffee region. This tour begins at 7am with pickup from your hotel in Armenia, proceeding on for 45 minutes to Cordoba municipality in Quindío. In Cordoba  drink a specialty cup of coffee in its scenic square that is known for its tranquility and traditional architecture while we wait for a vehicle called Yipao or Willis (Jeep) that is a typical transport of the coffee region that allows to enjoy the journey and easily overcome the difficult roads that lead to the reserve. The Yipao stops near the natural reserve and it's needed a hike for about 30 minutes heading toward the reserve headquarters where you will enjoy a farmer breakfast with scrambled eggs, arepa (is a flatbread made of ground corn), hot drinks and farmer cheese of the region. Once breakfast is finished you are ready for a 40 minutes hike throughout the forest up to this magnificent place that offers an opportunity to observe a lot of biodiversity, learn about ancient indigenous cultures and hear stories like “The tree that no longer exist”. Before arriving to this holy place you can take a moment to get a few pictures and appreciate from the distance this natural wonder. At the waterfalls it’s time to swim and relax into these clean and pure waters that really make you feel in contact with yourself and nature. Your guide will provide a local snack to help you refuel before moving on to the next waterfall. Back at the reserve headquarters you will enjoy a typical Colombian lunch like ajiaco (chicken and potato soup) or frijoles (beans) in addition to side dishes like meat, rice and salad. After your meal, take some time to admire the Coffee Cultural Landscape, surrounded by the Andean mountains views. Back to your hotel you will have a great experience in mind about the beauty of these waterfalls and a deeper sense of connection with nature. Please note: this tour involves traveling and hiking at altitudes ranging from 6,300 to 8,500 feet (1,920 to 2,600m) above sea level.

$179 Day Trips & Excursions

Quindio Surrounding Towns Private Tour Including Salento

This private tour begins at “El Cementerio Libre de Circasia” which is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Colombia. This cementery was built to bury people regardless of their political party, religion, social class, skin color or any other characteristic. In 1982 it is recognized as a unique monument about freedom in Latin America.Then, head towards Salento to visit the historic center of the municipality, the artisans’ village and the Cocora Valley Lookout that is a place at the top of the mountain from where you can admire the beauty of a unique landscape that hosts a variety of flora and fauna.In the middle of the day you will enjoy a delicious and traditional meal of the region (trout with banana) to recharge energy and move on to visit one of the national road section where Simon Bolivar transited in 1830.After lunch, make your way to a traditional architectural tour in Filandia town to visit places like the Temple “Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada” which is one of the five religious monuments build in Bahareque (Construction material similar to adobe, consisting of clay or mud reinforced with sticks or canes) left in the world.Then, there is a visit to Quimbaya town to know an archeological place where was discovered the Quimbaya treasure.Back to your hotel you will have a great knowledge in mind about culture, architecture, history, values and some of the towns of the Coffee cultural Landscape of Colombia.