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Most travelers will pass through Armenia only long enough to change buses; however, the city has the fine Museo del Oro Quimbaya and excellent Parque de la Vida, which make it interesting enough for a day or so.

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$42 Day Trips & Excursions

Day tour to Garni and Geghard

Visit to the only pagan temple of Garni, built in the 1st c. with Armenian king Trdat.The structure was probably built by king Tiridates I in the first century AD as a temple to the sun god Mihr. After Armenia's conversion to Christianity in the early fourth century, it was converted into a royal summer house of Khosrovidukht, the sister of Tiridates III.  Gegard - “Ayrivank” (“cave monastery”, the more complete name is Gegardavank, literally - “spear monastery”.)While the main chapel was built in 1215, the monastery complex was founded in the 4th century by Gregory the Illuminator at the site of a sacred spring inside a cave. The monastery had thus been originally named Ayrivank (Այրիվանք), meaning "the Monastery of the Cave". The name commonly used for the monastery today, Geghard, or more fully Geghardavank (Գեղարդավանք), meaning "the Monastery of the Spear", originates from the spear which had wounded Jesus at the Crucifixion, allegedly brought to Armenia by Apostle Jude, called here Thaddeus, and stored amongst many other relics. Now it is displayed in the Echmiadzintreasury.  Arch of Charents. From there opens a beautiful view of Mount Ararat

$900 Multi-day & Extended Tours

La Vuelta al Coffee Landscape 4 nights 3 days

ItineraryDay 1: Stage 1 Open bike trail Calarca, 35 km around coffee farms in the slopes of Calarca mountainsStop At: Jardin Botanico del Quindio, Calarca, Quindio DepartmentStage 1 Open bike trail Calarca, 35 km around coffee farms in the slopes of Calarcá Mountains, we start in Route Bike Colombia Station in Finca San Jose at Calarcá, we drink some coffee, then we been going to Quebrada negra Village, stop for hydration, then the group cross around coffee plantations an then we climb to La Virginia Village a place with a nice view of Armenia And Calarcá, in this place the community offer a typical lunch that is included in the tour experience, we will cross Calarca and finish in San Jose coffee Farm with a coffee tastingDuration: 5 hoursMeals included: • LunchAccommodation included: Hacienda Combia country Hotel 4 starsDay 2: Stage 2 From Calarca to Salento 60 km crossing the national road and visiting Salento the colorfull town in QuindioStop At: Jardin Botanico del Quindio, Calarca, Quindio DepartmentStage 2, we start in San Jose coffee farm, drink some coffee, 60 km from farm to Salento, we cross the ancient national road, visiting the Casa Azul Viewpoint after a big climb, then we visited Salento, we take the lunch an then we going to the valle de cocora by car for doing 2 Hours Trecking for visit the wax palm forestDuration: 8 hoursMeals included: • LunchAccommodation included: Hacienda Combia Country Hotel 4 starsDay 3: Stage 3 Coffee in the mountains Visiting Cordoba, Pijao And Buena VistaStop At: Jardin Botanico del Quindio, Calarca, Quindio DepartmentStage 3 Coffee in the mountains, we start picking the people at the hotel, we going to a start point in a little village call Rio Verde, we start the Climb to Cordoba, a little town known for the guadua made handcrafts and the kind people in the town, perfect stop for some hydration, then we climb the mountain prize called alto de carniceros, in the top we enjoy the nice view in this big viewpoint, then we visited Pijao the cittaslow in Colombia and his particular coffee shops, after that we climb to Buena Vista for climb around the best coffee plantations in quindio and finish with the Lunch in Barcelona before finish at the hotelDuration: 6 hoursMeals included: • LunchAccommodation included: Hacienda Combia Country Hotel 4 stars

$380 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Two days Botanical Garden, coffee and Trekking

First day08:00 Quindio's Botanical garden and Butterfly's house.13:00 Typical lunch ("Fiambre montañero") and coffee tour in a traditional coffee farm.Second day08:00 Pick up in the terminal car stop, take a Jeep Willis until the Peñas Blancas Natural Reserve.13:00 Lunch.14:00 Bird watching and enjoy the landscape.Coffee tour in a traditional coffee farm. Travel in a traditional transportation Jeep Willis, crossing inside of the coffee cultural landscape, and arrive to La Vasconia coffee farm, a very traditional finca, where you will see the coffee plantations. Peñas Blancas trekking, a medium level trekking trough the Central Andes, great place to bird watching, learn about the tropical rainforest, and the cloudy forest, with a huge Rock to optional Climbing with experts and totally safe (130 USD extra)

$159 Cultural & Theme Tours

Armenia Coffee in the Mountains Private Tour Including Lunch

Begin your tour with a pickup from your centrally located hotel in Armenia at 9:00am. Make your way to a traditional restaurant located in Calarca, Quindío called La Super Forcha de Barcelona. There, you will learn of the beverages the former settlers drank for survival and enjoyment. Afterwards, drive to the beautiful municipality of Buenavista where you will enjoy your first cup of coffee at Extasis Café. The cafe is a calming place, with workers committed to offering quality products from small coffee growers. Next, make your way to La Terraza San Alberto where you will enjoy delicious coffee and beautiful landscape. After descending the mountain, you will go to Café Concorde to taste yet another special coffee from the Andes mountains. Then, head towards Pijao, where you will enjoy lunch in a typical restaurant adorned with elements of the coffee culture. After lunch, enjoy another cup of coffee as you listen to stories about the indigenous population that were in the region hundreds of years ago. Drive back to your hotel at the end of the day.

$149 Cultural & Theme Tours

Quimbaya Culture Private Tour with Lunch

Uncover a fascinating culture called Los Quimbayas and learn more about coffee during this exclusive private tour. The tour begins at Museo del Oro Quimbaya in Armenia, this is a place characterized by an architecture that surrounds completely the visitor into the world of an ancient indigenous culture called Los Quimbayas who were recognized for their goldsmithing art skills. In memory of this culture we keep treasures and places that prove their existence. After you visit the museum it's time for lunch in one of the best restaurants in Armenia where you will find several menus to choose from. Then you will enjoy a peaceful place called El Parque de la Vida that is one of the largest green spaces in Armenia with a total area of about twenty acres, this eco-tourism area serves the residents of the city as a haven for everyday life. Finally you will taste the best cherries harvested manually one by one, benefit and classified with different special techniques to highlight the softness, the aroma and the flavor of one of the best coffee in the world with a professional barista.

$230 Cultural & Theme Tours

Armenia to Filandia and Salento Full-Day Private Coffee Tour

Discover the coffee production process from its place of origin, the methods of production, the harvest and the post-harvest processes in a big coffee farm surrounded by beautiful nature and good weather.  Next, travel to Filandia municipality to experience the work of great artisans who are committed to preserving the cultural heritage and development of the traditional crafts.Gain insight into the cultural significance of the coffee drink, learning about its characteristics in a place called "El Tambo" where you will find a monumental structure called "La Taza en el Aire Toma Café” that pays tribute to the values of the national drink. This is a great place to experience the landscape, the aroma and flavor of the best coffee in the world.After enriching your knowledge about coffee, sit down to enjoy a great specialty coffee with sweet aroma and taste in the beautiful and peaceful municipality of Salento. Later, return to your hotel with more knowledge about how to differentiate between a good cup of coffee and an average cup.