Wandering anywhere along the forested trails and stone pathways throughout Shibao Mountain makes for a pleasant day trip out of Shaxi, but the real highlights of the area are the Tang-era temples and carvings. The Shizhongshan Grottoes (石钟山石窟, Shízhōngshān Shíkū) have the most impressive concentration, most dating to the Nanzhao Kingdom and depicting the state's political and religious life. Also worth a visit is Baoxiang Temple (宝相寺, Bǎoxiāng Sì) for fantastic views of the rolling mountains beyond Shaxi.

No public transport runs here. Walk up any of the numerous trails from Shaxi in around two hours, or take a minivan to the access road turn-off 12km north of the village. You'll have to walk the last 2km to the entrance.

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