Pomda Monastery

Eastern Tibet

The monastery dates back 360 years, but was destroyed in the Cultural Revolution and rebuilt in 1981. It is now home to 53 monks. The main hall has excellent murals and statues of Sakyamuni (Sakya Thukpa) flanked by Jampelyang (Manjushi), Jampa (Maitreya) and Drölma (Tara). The inner sanctum features Tsongkhapa (founder of the Geulgpa sect) and his two disciples. Look for the honorary seats of the 14th Dalai Lama and the 10th Panchen Lama, both of whom have visited the monastery.

A separate hall houses a relatively new 7m Maitreya (Future) Buddha. Inside the monastery walls are also a gönkhang (protector chapel) and a debating courtyard, as well as a huge mani wall and a mani lhakang (prayer wheel chapel). Outside, the small kora (pilgrim circuit) around the main walls gives a nice insight into village life.

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