Sili Götsang

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A 4km drive north of the turn-off to Taklung brings you to Sili Götsang, an amazing eagle’s-nest hermitage perched high above the main road, home to 10 resident monks.

Many of the chapels have murals of the main Kagyud teachers – Tiropa, Naropa, Milarepa and Marpa. In the assembly hall ask to see the giant arrow said to have belonged to medieval trader Tsongpon Norbu Tsangpo. Below here is the meditation cave of the site's founder, Tangbu Rinpoche, as well as several sacred rocks. Continue upstairs to see several smaller chapels and a stairway that leads to the rooftop and magnificent views of the surrounding valley.

A road climbing 2km to the base of the hermitage was nearly complete at the time of research, from where it's a 20-minute walk. The village at the base of the hill was moved here in 2013 after old Phondo village was flooded by the dam and reservoir.

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