Grand Buddha Temple


There’s some good exploring to be done across the river, southeast of the old town. At the foot of one hill, and among other Buddhist statuary and caves, sits the sedate-looking Grand Buddha. From the old town, walk down to the river, turn left and keep going past the second road bridge. Then cross the river on a small passenger ferry (¥3, from 8am to 6pm).

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Nearby Sichuan attractions

1. Jinping Gate

0.98 MILES

Originally constructed in 1371 and renovated in 1767, the current version of Jinping Gate is a 2010 rebuild. Join art students sketching from the top and…

2. Feng Shui Museum

1.07 MILES

This museum includes a model of the town, illustrating its feng-shui-inspired design. While English explanations are limited, a helpful English-speaking…

3. Huaguang Tower


Peer out across the rooftops of old town Langzhong and beyond the river to Jinping Hill from the top of Huáguāng Lóu, a multilayered wedding-cake tower,…

4. Imperial Examination Hall


The best-preserved Qing-era imperial examination hall in China, with a number of in-character actors on hand to pose for photographs. The museum shows the…

5. Confucian Temple

1.21 MILES

Relocated to its current site in 1850, the present temple is a 2013 rebuild of the historic structure, combining typical features of both Confucian…

6. Feudal Government Office

1.26 MILES

Dioramas inside this recreation of a Shu-era government office depict scenes of legal hearings, officials' lives and feudal-era prisons alongside captions…

7. Zhongtian Tower

1.41 MILES

For bird’s-eye views of the city’s rooftops and lanes, climb to the top of Zhōngtiān Lóu, a 2006 rebuild on the way to Zhang Fei Temple in the centre of…

8. Jinping Park

1.46 MILES

Considered an essential element of the feng shui balance of ancient Langzhong and holy to Taoists, Jinping is dotted with pavilions, temples and caves. To…