Pǎomǎ Sì


This small monastery is halfway up Pǎomǎ Shān. An admission ticket to the Pǎomǎ Shān scenic area is required to visit.

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1. Paoma Shan


Paoma Shān is the famed mountain of the Kāngdìng Qíng Gē ('Kangding Love Song'), one of China's most enduring folk songs, and will appeal the most to…

2. Guānyīn Sì

0.23 MILES

Looming over Kangding on the lower slopes of Paoma Shan, above the three main halls of the temple, is a path that leads on to several pagodas and another…

3. Ānjué Sì


This central temple's two small halls built around a colourful central courtyard have roots dating back to 1652, but it's been much rebuilt in the…

5. Jingang Si

0.87 MILES

A short way south of town, along the main road, is this 400-year-old Nyingma (Red Hat sect) monastery. To get there, turn right from the main road into an…

6. Nánwú Sì

0.88 MILES

This temple belongs to the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat) sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is the most active monastery in the area. Walk south along the main road,…

7. Jiǔlián Shān

1.12 MILES

The best way of acclimatising and getting fit for adventures further west is to climb the beautiful Mt Jiulian. The trail rises steeply through forest but…

8. Guoda Shan

1.51 MILES

Guoda Shan looms large at the northern end of town and takes a full day to climb up and down. The summit is around 1500m higher than an already quite high…