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From the architectural landmarks lining the Bund and the rickety charm of the Old Town to the leafy backstreets of the former French Concession, Shànghǎi is a city that just begs for wandering. And eating. I love that you can slurp a bowl of hand-pulled noodles or bite into soupy xiǎolóngbāo dumplings for next to nothing, then splurge on cocktails and fusion fare while gazing out from a rooftop bar on the Bund, over... Read More

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$134.99 Sightseeing tours

Zhujiajiao and Seven Treasure Town Day Tour from Shanghai

Head to the outskirts of Shanghai on this guided 1-day day tour to quaint Chinese villages. See Seven Treasure Town, an ancient water town famous for its textiles, before heading to Zhujiajiao, sometimes called 'Pearl Stream, a village that will take you back in time to the Ming and Qing dynasty with its fantastic architecture, ancient bridges and houses. Also included in this sightseeing tour from Shanghai is a boat ride and visit to a Silk Mill.Seven Treasure Town is an ancient village located outside of Shanghai. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Seven Treasures became a prosperous marketplace, known for its cloth, yarn, carpentry, rice wine and water. The textiles were treasured all over the world, with samples from the era still being displayed at the Great Museum of London. Some of the other sights you will enjoy on the tour include a unique wedding hall inside the textile mill, a shop producing traditional rice wine, and other trades such as blacksmithing, bamboo craft and fine carpentry.Located in another suburb of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town that shines like a pearl on the Dianpu River. In fact, Zhujiajiao is sometimes called 'Pearl Stream'. It is famous for its well-preserved Ming and Qing Dynasty architecture, ancient bridges, and quaint courtyards. Walking along the zigzag of narrow streets and past the shops in the center of town, you will see how the locals really live as they go about their daily labors, sit in the sun and chat, or play cards with their neighbors. You will also enjoy a leisurely boat ride, taste the local food, or just relax by the river under majestic willow trees.Highlights: Seven Treasure Town Zhujiajiao Water Village Boat Ride Silk Mill

$57.12 History & culture

Experience Shanghai: Private Tea Ceremony Tour

Experience an authentic Chinese tradition during this private tea ceremony in Shanghai. Led by a tea master, you’ll sip rare tea, listen to soothing music, and enjoy fragrant incense while learning about the importance of tea in Chinese culture with the help of your English-speaking guide. Discover how to smell, taste and drink tea properly and learn about the evolution of tea, including its unique medicinal and spiritual properties. After sampling a variety of green tea, oolong tea, black tea and Pu-erh tea, you’ll perform the tea ritual you’ve just learned to show your tea master your new skills!Meet your local English-speaking guide at a local tea shop in Shanghai to begin your authentic tea ceremony. Over the course of the 2-hour session, you’ll enjoy unlimited samples of rare tea and learn about the importance of tea in Chinese culture from your tea master, an expert in art of tea.With the help of your English-speaking guide, find out which occasions in China involve tea drinking and gain an understanding of how tea has evolved in China. Hear about tea’s medicinal properties, its ability to teach a respect for nature and its spiritual powers, known to create inner peace and calm. Discover how to properly drink a cup of tea in order to experience its full effects. Go through the ritual of smelling and tasting the tea before and after adding the hot water. Then, sample green tea, oolong tea, black tea and Pu-erh (or Pu'er) tea, letting the teacup relax your hands and the steam sooth your eyes.You’ll also learn the specifics, including the implements needed to store tea leaves and ideal steep times and temperatures. At the end, you’ll perform the ritual yourself to impress your tea master with your newfound skills. You’ll leave this unique experience with a new appreciation for tea, as well as tips to make your own tea at home!

$440 Small group tours

4-Day Shanghai and Suzhou Private Tour including the Bund

From the busy streets of Shanghai to the tranquil canals of Suzhou – you will have three-day’s worth of interesting activities and sightseeing experience enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, led by your own private guide. Experience the best of Shanghai as you explore the waterfront business district of the Bund, taste delicious 'xiaolong bao' (a local delicacy of steamed dumplings), and enjoy the breathtaking Shanghai Acrobatics Show. Discover the natural beauty of Suzhou with a boat ride on its canals and sightseeing tours of its scenic gardens and ancient streets.

$1559.99 Small group tours

8-Day Eastern China Private Tour: Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Huangshan

Spend an entire week exploring the best of eastern China! With a private guide to show you around the different attractions in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Huangshan, you’ll have an amazing and personalized experience. Witness busy city life in Shanghai one day, and then admire the serene natural landscapes of Hangzhou the next. Learn about the varying cultural features of these different cities, from the modern shops of Shanghai to Suzhou’s ancient city structures and Hangzhou’s Qinghefang Ancient Street. There’s so much to see in eastern China, and this private tour ensures you’ll experience the essential attractions.

$452.21 Small group tours

3-Night Shanghai Exploring Tour

Explore the international metropolitan city of Shanghai, experience the contrast of Old and New China, get amazed by the under river tram ride and Skywalk at Oriental Pearl Tower, enjoy a fabulous Acrobatics Show. Observe local people interesting leisure life, visit China's finest Museum - Shanghai Museum, having some fun time at Tianzi Fang for bargain shopping.

$891 Small group tours

Shanghai to Hong Kong Fujian Adventure

It’s in the spaces between Shanghai and Hong Kong that you get a true taste of what China has to offer. On this ten-day trip, you’ll get to stay in those famous Hakka roundhouses yourself and really get a sense of rural Chinese culture. Additionally, there’ll be time to take the perfect hike in the beautiful Wuyishan area and hit up a few of the major cities as well. China can be difficult to navigate on your own, so let us take the planning off your shoulders and leave you free to simply enjoy the ride.