Century Park


This modern park at the eastern end of Century Ave is strong on hard edges and synthetic lines, but there’s an attractive central lake (with expensive boat hire). Children will enjoy themselves, and the spacious paved area between the Science & Technology Museum and the park is great for flying kites (for sale from hawkers) and rollerblading.

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Nearby Shanghai attractions

1. Himalayas Museum

0.49 MILES

In the eye-catching Himalayas Center (attached to the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel), and formerly the Zendai Museum of Art, this art gallery is a fixture on…

2. Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

0.87 MILES

You need to do a huge amount of walking to get around this seriously spaced-out museum and some of it is pretty dated, but there are some fascinating…

3. Sunny Beach

2.98 MILES

Life’s a beach, even in the middle of Shanghai. If the sun comes out, pop down to this small but amusing artificial strip of sand right by the river and…

4. Cool Docks


The riverside Cool Docks consist of several shíkùmén (石库门, stone-gate houses) surrounded by red-brick warehouses, near (but not quite on) the waterfront…

5. Dongjiadu Cathedral

3.07 MILES

Just outside Shanghai Old City and once known as St Francis Xavier Church, this magnificent whitewashed cathedral is Shanghai’s oldest church, built by…

6. Shanghai Stock Exchange Building

3.09 MILES

Shanghai's stock exchange used to run in the Peacock Hall of the Astor House Hotel before moving to new custom-made digs in Pudong.

7. Shanghai World Financial Center

3.18 MILES

Although trumped by the adjacent Shanghai Tower as the city’s most stratospheric building, the awe-inspiring 492m-high Shanghai World Financial Center is…

8. Shanghai Tower

3.25 MILES

China’s tallest building dramatically twists skywards from its footing in Lujiazui. The 121-storey, 632m-tall, Gensler-designed Shanghai Tower topped out…