Top choice in Shanghai

One of the M50 art precinct's most creative, thought-provoking, interactive and engaging galleries is island6. Artist Liu Dao showcases his work and that of a collective of painters, writers and multimedia artists who present pieces with moving LED lights, 2D wall hangings with integrated video, and countless retro and iconic graphics with futuristic features.

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Nearby Shanghai attractions

1. Pata Gallery

Gallery in the M50 complex featuring a range of Chinese works from traditional Taiwanese painters and Chinese artists overseas to contemporary works.

2. Antenna Space

Take the pulse of China's avant-garde art scene, with a focus on new media works.

3. Chronus Art Center

0.01 MILES

A vast gallery space that focuses on experimental art and installations from Shanghai artists and beyond.

4. OFoto

0.01 MILES

Peruse China-related photography exhibitions at this gallery in the M50 complex.

5. ShanghART

0.01 MILES

An original M50 gallery and one of Shanghai's first contemporary art spaces, ShanghART is still going strong 20 years on.

6. M50

0.02 MILES

Shanghai may be known for its glitz and glamour, but it's got an edgy subculture too. The industrial M50 art complex is one prime example, where galleries…

7. Shanghai Textile Museum


The sort of place visitors were taken to in the 1980s, this textile museum is very much a healthy dose of propaganda to promote patriotism through…

8. Jade Buddha Temple

0.49 MILES

One of Shanghai’s few active Buddhist monasteries, this temple was built between 1918 and 1928. The highlight is a transcendent Buddha crafted from pure…