Broadway Mansions

Hongkou & North Shanghai

Looming over Suzhou Creek, this classic brick pile (resembling a Ministry of Truth) was built to great fanfare in 1934 as an apartment block and was later used to house American officers after WWII. Today it’s a mid-level hotel – it does a good afternoon tea for ¥288.

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Nearby Hongkou & North Shanghai attractions

1. Former British Consulate

0.15 MILES

The original British Consulate was one of the first foreign buildings to go up in Shanghai in 1852, though it was destroyed in a fire and replaced with…

2. Monument to the People's Heroes

0.15 MILES

Up from Huangpu Park, this anachronistic monument stands above the Bund History Museum. Its socialist realism friezes depict the postwar triumphs of…

3. Huangpu Park

0.15 MILES

China’s first ever public park (1886) achieved lasting notoriety for its apocryphal ‘No Dogs or Chinese allowed’ sign. The park today is blighted by the…

4. Bund History Museum

0.15 MILES

Beneath the Monument to the People's Heroes, this underground museum has some interesting info and photos on the history of the Bund. It's a good starting…

5. Art + Shanghai

0.19 MILES

This riverside gallery shows mainly local artists and is a good place to get a feel for the contemporary Chinese art scene.

6. Levant Art


In the Rockbund district, this commercial gallery is devoted to contemporary sculpture by Chinese and overseas artists.

7. Banque de l'Indochine Building

0.22 MILES

Built in 1914, this French Baroque–style building was originally the Banque de l'Indochine Building. Today it's a Chinese bank with a lavish lobby you can…

8. Yuanmingyuan Road

0.22 MILES

Like a smaller, more condensed version of the Bund, the pedestrianised, cobblestone Yuanmingyuan Rd is lined with a mishmash of colonial architecture…