Liaoning Provincial Museum


Three floors of exhibits highlight the region’s art and history, from prehistoric times through the late Qing dynasty. English explanations accompany most displays.

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1. Shenyang Imperial Palace

1.08 MILES

This impressive palace complex resembles a small-scale Forbidden City. Constructed between 1625 and 1636 by Manchu emperor Nurhachi (1559–1626) and his…

2. 18 September History Museum

2.15 MILES

There’s an obvious propagandic purpose to this museum, but the hundreds of photographs, sculptures, paintings and dioramas re-create a picture of China…

3. Tomb of Huang Taiji

3.34 MILES

One of Shenyang's highlights is this extensive tomb complex, the burial place of Huang Taiji (1592–1643), founder of the Qing dynasty. The tomb’s animal…

4. Beiling Park

3.35 MILES

With its pine trees and large lake, this park is an excellent place to escape Shenyang’s hubbub. Locals come here to promenade, sing or just kick back…