Zimchung Tridok Khang

Buddhist Site in Ganden Monastery

To the east of the Assembly Hall's Ser Trikhang (Golden Throne Room) and slightly uphill, this residence contains the living quarters and throne of the Ganden Tripa.

Other rooms include a protector chapel, with statues of Demchok (Samvara), Gonpo Gur (Mahakala) and Dorje Naljorma (Vajrayogini); a Tsongkhapa chapel; and an inner room of living quarters used by the Dalai Lamas when visiting the monastery. To the right is the ‘Nirvana Room’, which has a shrine to Kurt Cobain (only kidding – it’s Tsongkhapa again, who is said to have died in this room). The upper-floor library has a round platform known as a kyingor, used for creating sand mandalas.