Fuxi Temple


This hoary Ming dynasty temple was founded in 1483 in honour of Fuxi, the father and emperor of all Chinese people. A statue of Fuxi is in the main hall, surrounded by traditional symbols such as bats, dragons and peonies, motifs also observable in the elegantly carved woodwork. The hall ceiling's original paintings of the 64 hexagrams (varying combinations of the eight trigrams used in the I Ching) is an astonishing sight. A 1000-year-old cypress tree is also in the grounds.

At the rear of the temple is a lovely garden-like section of green lawn, further cypresses and swaying bamboo; you can exit from the rear.

The temple is located on the east side of Qinzhou Qu. To reach it, walk east along Jiefang Lu from Zhongxin Guangchang (中心广场).

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