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Xiàmén (厦门), the island city formerly known in Western circles as Amoy, is emerging as southern China’s most sophisticated city. Chinese travellers have long understood the lure of its long seaside promenade and European city architecture, but international ‘jetizens’ are now descending on the fun.Many use Xiàmén as a stepping-off point for the much smaller island of Gǔlàng Yǔ, perhaps the highlight of the entire... Read More

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$142.50 Private & Custom Tours

Private Day Tour: Yongding Hakka Village With Hongkeng Tulou Cluster From Xiamen

Meet local guide from your Xiamen downtown hotel at 8:30am, and aboard comfortable private vehicle to start the amazing Hakka Cultural Village trip. Yongding is famous all around the world for its beautiful landscape, unique Hakka culture, and magnificent Tulou Houses. The Earth Tower of Hakka has a long history. As early as one thousand years ago, some of the original Hakka migrated and settled at the sparse Yongding area of Fujian. Tulou House, the Hakka Residential Earthen House, is a kind of large scale residential building that provides a place for clansmen to live compactly, it also has defensive function. Hear about the history and culture of Hakka people and Earth Tower from your guide on the way. After around 3.5 driving, you will reach the most concentrated of all earthen house clusters - Yongding Hakka Cultural Village. Here you will have a traditional Hakka lunch at one of the Hakka house. After that, start to explore the Hakka cultural village including Zhenchenglou - a magnificent building combining the Chinese style with the western style, Kuijulou - a palace style building, Fuyulou - a five-phoenix style building, Rushenglou - a mini-sized circular building. Afterwards, enjoy safe and comfortable transfer back to Xiamen and drop off at your hotel to conclude the trip.

$137.50 Private & Custom Tours

Private Day Tour: Nanjing Tianluokeng Hakka Cluster From Xiamen

Tianluokeng Hakka Cluster, inhabited by hundreds of Hakka people of Wong family, is a national protected cultural site with the most magnificent and well-preserved Hakka Castles in the area. The village is also listed in the Famous Historic Cultural Villages of China for its typical cultural regional system.Meet local expert guide from your Xiamen downtown hotel at 8:30am, and aboard comfortable private vehicle to start the amazing Hakka Hakka Cluster exploration. Hear about the history and tradition of Hakka Cluster and Hakka People from your guide on the way. You will reach the Tianluokeng Hakka Cluster after around 3 hours driving. While you're there, trek up the hillside to get a shot of the Earth Towers from above. It's a sight to see, and a perfect place for snapshots to remember your trip by. The cluster consists of a square earth building at the center of a quincunx, surrounded by four round earth buildings, figuratively nicknamed four dishes with a soup. After having a traditional Hakka lunch at one of the Hakka house, you will roam in Tianluokeng Hakka Cluster to see their daily lives, head to Xiaban Village to visit a leaning structure hakka house of Yuchanglou, stroll around the beautiful Taxia Village build along a stream, explore the Zhang's Clan Ancestral Hall listed among the key culture relics protected under national level.Afterwards, enjoy safe and comfortable transfer back to Xiamen and drop off at your hotel to conclude the trip.

$132.50 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Tour: Highlights Sightseeing in Xiamen

Meet local expert guide from your Xiamen downtown hotel at 8:30am, and aboard comfortable private vehicle to start the Xiamen sihgtseeing. Head to the ferry terminal and take a ferry to visit the beautiful Gulangyu Island famed for delicate natural beauty, ancient relics and varied architecture. Take a peaceful walk and appreciate various old buildings on the island, visit the beautiful seaside Shuzhuang Garden, it was exquisitely designed to embody three important characteristics in gardening---hiding elements, borrowing from one's surroundings, and combining movements. Later ferry back to Xiamen Island and enjoy a delicious lunch at local restaurant, move on to explore the most famous Buddhist temple in town - South Putuo Temple, see the world's biggest canon at Hulishan Cannon Fort, enjoy a scenic drive on the Island Ring Road along the East Coast of Xiamen and stroll along the Zhongshan Road Walking Street.Afterwards, your tour guide will transfer you back to the hotel to conclude the Xiamen trip.

$76.81 Cultural & Theme Tours

Xiamen Private Day Tour of Gulangyu Island, Shuzhuang Garden, Hulishan Battery, And Nanputuo Temple Including Lunch

Your private guide and driver will meet you in the lobby of your Xiamen hotel at 8:30am and then you will be driven by private car to the ferry terminal where you will start your visit to Gulangyu Island. Xiamen is an island connected to the mainland by Gaoji Causeway and Xiamen Bridge. Being located on the south eastern coast of China, Xiamen has mild weather all year round, making it an attractive and popular holiday retreat. And because of its large natural harbour, now closed off from the sea by land reclamation, the city became an important trading port since Song Dynasty.  Your first visit today is to the small and picturesque island of Gulangyu just off of the southwest coast of the main island. Access to Gulangyu is by a short ferry ride, and when you reach the island, you will find that only electric powered vehicles are allowed so it is a peaceful retreat from the noise and fumes of petroleum powered vehicles. You will be able to take a leisurely stroll around the island and enjoy the natural beauty as well as the colonial European architecture of the churches and other buildings. Because this is a popular holiday spot, there are also many small cafes and boutiques for you to enjoy. You will also visit Shuzhuang Garden, originally a private villa built in 1931, that were opened to public since 1955. After returning to the main island, you will enjoy lunch before driving south to Hulishan Battery Scenic Park. Hulishan Battery was constructed in 1894 and originally had two large cannons guarding the eastern and southern approaches. Today, only one of them survived, and it is the largest and oldest 19th century breech loader remaining. The cannon is 43 feet (13 meters) long and has a range of over 4,921 feet (1.5 kilometers). As well as the cannons, there is the Rongguang Museum that contains an array of ancient weaponry and also several fortified buildings such as the barracks and magazine that are all surrounded by a granite wall. Next, on your way back toward the city center, you will stop at Nanputuo Temple, sitting at the foot of Wulaofeng Mountain. The original temple was built during Tang Dynasty but later destroyed during Ming Dynasty and then rebuilt during Qing Dynasty. The whole temple complex, with four main buildings and many smaller rooms, covers an area of 3 hectare (30,000 square meters). All around on the mountain side, there are many small structures containing hundreds of Buddhist statuettes. If you are energetic enough to walk to the top of the mountain, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Xiamen and the surrounding counties. At the end of your visit to the Nanputuo Temple, you will be transferred back to your downtown Xiamen hotel where this private tour ends.

$978 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Private Tour: 5-Day Xi'an Historical Monuments and Xiamen Tree Lined Beach Tour

Day 01: Xi'an (L) Pickup at the lobby of your hotel at 09:00 am in Xi'an downtown. Your visit starts from UNESCO World Heritage Terracotta Warriors and Emperor Qin’s Mausoleum. You will see the life size terracotta soldiers and horses, ancient weapons and chariots that were made 2,000 years ago. A unique home cooked lunch will be served at local family. City excursion will start from the City Wall. Accommodation: Tang Dynasty Hotel (3 star) Day 02: Xi’an (B+L+D) Exploration continues on to the Xi’an Museum and the Small Wild Goose Pagoda Scenic Area, one of the glorious parts of the Silk Road, and UNESCO World Heritage Site and then we will visit Shaanxi History Museum. A gourmet walking tour in the afternoon will be the highlights of the day and you guide will tell you about the interesting legends surrounding the tower's development before the tour starts. Accommodation: Tang Dynasty Hotel (3 star) Day 03: Xi'an - Xiamen (B+L)We will take you to the Xi'an airport and you will fly to Xiamen in the morning. The first reserve you are visiting is South Putuo Temple. The South Putuo Temple is located on the southeast of Xiamen Island. It is surrounded by the graceful sea and the Wulao Peaks behind the temple. You will enjoy a picturesque view of Xiamen and the surrounding district of Haicang, Gulangyu and Zhangzhou City. Zhongshan Shopping Road will be arranged at night. Accommodation: Huaxia Hotel (3 star) Day 04: Xiamen (B+L) Today’s visit starts from Gulang Island, Shuzhuang Garden and Piano Museum. You can find winding coastal lines, natural and gentle seaside bathing grounds with fine sands and oddly shaped reefs showing superlative craftsmanship. After lunch you will visit the Hulishan Fortress and Ring Road. The Fortress built in the 20th year of Emperor Guangxu's reign (1894) has more than 100 years of a gloomy history of rise and fall. The base of the fortress is made of a mixture of camphor tree sap, liquid brown sugar, glutinous rice, clay and sand, making it rather solid. After dinner you will have a chance to take a walk in the famous Zhongshan Shopping Road. Accommodation: Huaxia Hotel (3 star) Day 05: Xiamen - Nanjing Tulou - Xiamen (B+L) Full day exploration for the Nanjing Tulou. Drive form Xiamen to Nanjing County for approx. 3 hours. After lunch, you will visit Tianluokeng Tulou and Yuchanglou. Tulou is a fortified earth structure and a unique and mysterious Hakka architecture with a thick earth wall found only in the mountainous areas in southwestern Fujian province in Southern China. After the tour is concluded, we will take you to your hotel in Xiaman downtown or directly to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.

$73 Walking & Biking Tours

One Day Private Walking Tour of Xiamen's Gulangyu Island

Meet your private guide in the lobby of your downtown Xiamen hotel at 9am and transfer to catch the approximately five-minute ferry ride to Gulangyu (Gulang Island) where you will explore for half a day. The island covers an area of 0.44 acre (1.78 square kilometers) and stands opposite of Xiamen City across the straight called Egret River that offers beautiful panoramic views on both sides. Gulangyu became a foreign enclave in 1842 following the Treaty of Nanking. As a result, much of the architecture around the island is Victorian-style. In addition, the island is fully pedestrianized and easy to get around that allows visitors to fully enjoy many of its tranquil scenic spots such as Haitian Tanggou. There is also a hidden gem on this island, the only piano museum in China. Due to its unique history, Gulangyu garnered many nicknames including "Garden on the Sea," "Architecture Exhibition of Ten Thousand Nations," "Hometown of Music," and even the "Island of Piano." Later, you will enjoy a puppet show and listen to a special local Nanyin style music. Lunch is left for your own arrangement but your guide will help you select local flavor and explain what they are. After lunch break, you will visit Hulishan Fortress which was built in 1891 and still preserves the architecture styles of Ming and Qing Dynasties. There is a German-made Krupp Cannon that is one of the most impressive features of the fortress and the largest coastal cannon of its kind in the world with a caliber of 11 inches (280 millimeters) and a length of 46 feet (13.96 meters) long weighing 132,030 pounds (59,888 kilograms). Later, on your way back to Xiamen, you will stop by a local market where you could pick up some souvenirs for your loved ones. Afterwards, you will be transferred back to your hotel where this day trip ends.