Jampaling Kumbum

Buddhist Shrine in Dratang

The 13-storey chörten, built in 1472, was one of the largest in Tibet, with an attendant monastery of 200 monks, before it was dynamited by the Chinese in 1963. Rebuilding efforts are limited to a two-storey Jampa chapel. Check out the little brass toe on the throne – all that remains of the original Jampa statue after which the complex was named. Old B&W photos show the chörten in its original glory. Hike up among the ruins for the sobering views.

The ruins of the Jampaling Kumbum are on the hillside a 2km walk or drive southeast of Dratang and can be seen from the monastery there. To get to Jampaling, head south from Dratang Monastery and after a couple of minutes turn left, following a path to the base of the ruins visible on the hillside above.