Shízhàngdòng Waterfall

Waterfall in Chishui

The undervisited understudy to the famous Huángguǒshù Falls in the south is a 76m-high beauty pummelling into the pools below. There are fewer restrictions on swimming here, but even if you stand 100m away, you will still get drenched if the wind is right.

It's about 40km from Chìshuǐ. Nine buses a day (¥13, 1½ hours) run here starting at 6.50am. The bus will drop you in Shízhàngdòng village, from where it’s a short walk to the ticket office.

From there, it’s a 30- to 40-minute walk up a hard road to the turn-off to the waterfall, or you can ride there on a buggy (one-way/return ¥10/20).

Another, more pleasant walk, stretches to the falls on the other side of the river. Doing the complete circuit takes three to four hours. Try to visit before noon during the low season as a hydroelectric dam upriver slows the water after that time. The waterfall is also known as Chìshuǐ Waterfall (Chìshuǐ Dàpùbù).