Must-see attractions in Punta Arenas

  • Historic cemetery.

    Cementerio Municipal

    Punta Arenas

    Among South America’s most fascinating cemeteries, with both humble immigrant graves and flashy tombs, like that of wool baron José Menéndez, a scale…

  • Ship bridge replica in the Naval and Maritime Museum.

    Museo Naval y Marítimo

    Punta Arenas

    A naval and maritime museum with historical exhibits that include a fine account of the Chilean mission that rescued Sir Ernest Shackleton’s crew from…

  • Museo Regional de Magallanes

    Punta Arenas

    This opulent mansion testifies to the wealth and power of pioneer sheep farmers in the late 19th century. The well-maintained interior houses a regional…

  • Casa Braun-Menéndez

    Punta Arenas

    Facing the Plaza Muñoz Gamero’s north side is the Club de la Unión, which houses the former Palacio Sara Braun, now known as the Casa Braun-Menéndez.

  • Palacio Sara Braun on Plaza Munoz Gamero.

    Plaza Muñoz Gamero

    Punta Arenas

    A central plaza of magnificent conifers surrounded by opulent mansions. Facing the plaza’s north side, Casa Braun-Menéndez houses the private Club de la…

  • Wagon at Museo del Recuerdo pioneer museum.

    Museo del Recuerdo

    Punta Arenas

    On display are a collection of antique farm and industrial machinery, a typical pioneer house and shearing shed, and a wooden-wheeled shepherds’ trailer.

  • Museo Río Seco

    Punta Arenas

    The pet project of the Caceres brothers, this funky homespun museum is a delightful detour for fans of natural history. Imaginative displays use fine…

  • Instituto de la Patagonia

    Punta Arenas

    Pioneer days are made real again at the Patagonian Institute's Museo del Recuerdo, part of the Universidad de Magallanes. The library has historical maps…

  • Museo Regional Salesiano

    Punta Arenas

    Especially influential in settling the region, the Salesian order collected outstanding ethnographic artifacts, but their museum touts their role as…

  • Cathedral

    Punta Arenas

    West of Plaza Muñoz Gamero.