Accessible Travel

Santiago is better equipped than most Latin American cities to accommodate travelers with disabilities. Transantiago has access ramps and wheelchair space on new buses, while the metro is in the process of constructing elevators at all stations. Many museums offer information in braille. Hotels and restaurants are another story, and many are not equipped with adequate facilities.

The annual Teletón (, held in Santiago the first week of December, is the nation's most watched TV event. It raises millions of pesos for children with developmental disabilities and has played a key role in opening Chileans' minds to the challenges facing those with handicaps.

Wheel the World ( is an inspiring local organization dedicated to tackling the challenge of accessibility and inclusivity in tourism. It offers tours in Santiago, as well as Easter Island, the Atacama Desert and Patagonia. Santiago-based Korke ( is a travel agency that specializes in creating tailor-made trips for those traveling with a disability in Chile.