Owen Island

Cayman Islands

Find your inner pirate at this tiny deserted island that’s a quarter-mile offshore from the Southern Cross Club. The beach here is unspoiled and the vegetation thick and unexplored. Get here by kayak or paddleboard, which you can rent from the club.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Cayman Islands attractions

1. Little Cayman Museum

1.05 MILES

Housed in new quarters, this is an impressive museum for a little island. Stop by to peruse exhibits on the history of Cayman, as well as a display of…

2. Point of Sand

6.99 MILES

Little Cayman’s best beach is a splotch of reef-protected powder that rarely has more than half a dozen people visiting at any time. There’s a tiny pier,…

3. Rebecca's Cave

13.27 MILES

The cave that is closest to the island's west end was used as a hurricane shelter in 1932 (and subsequently). It is named for Rebecca Bodden, an infant…

4. Bat Cave

14.82 MILES

On the south side of the island, this sprawling geological oddity is home to not only Jamaican fruit bats but also barn owls. Both can be difficult to…

5. Cayman Brac Museum

15.32 MILES

Housed in a pretty white-and-blue-painted colonial house on the coastal road to Stake Bay, this small museum recounts the history of the island. Artifacts…

6. Foots House

16.13 MILES

Cayman Brac sculptor Ronald 'Foots' Kynes' brightly colored oceanfront home doubles as an art museum, and he's happy to lead guests on tours. Messages…

7. Bluff

21.56 MILES

The limestone cliff – 140ft high at its eastern end – stretches almost the entire length of this little island and dominates the landscape. Along the…

8. Great Cave

21.86 MILES

The island's largest, most enticing cave is at the eastern end of South Side Rd. Ascend ladders to enter a large cavern that begs to be explored. Expect…