Midnight Dome

Dawson City

The slide-scarred face of this hill overlooks the town to the north, but to reach the top you must travel south of town about 1km, turn left off the Klondike Hwy onto New Dome Rd, and continue for about 7km. The Midnight Dome, at 880m above sea level, offers great views of the Klondike Valley, Yukon River and Dawson City. There's also a steep trail that takes 90 minutes from Judge St in town; maps are available at the visitor center.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Dawson City attractions

1. Fortymile Gold Workshop/Studio

1.08 MILES

Watch as jewelry is made from local refined gold, which is silky and has a rich yellow color, as opposed to the bling you see peddled on late-night TV…

3. Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre

1.16 MILES

Inside this impressive riverfront wood building there are displays and interpretative talks on the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in (River People) First Nations. The…

4. SS Keno

1.21 MILES

The SS Keno was one of a fleet of paddle wheelers that worked the Yukon's rivers for more than half a century. Grounded along the waterfront, the boat…

5. CIBC Building

1.25 MILES

The city of Dawson has started a long-term restoration of this derelict 1898 riverfront bank building that dates to the gold rush. Note how tin was molded…

7. Cemeteries

1.28 MILES

A 15-minute walk up King St and Mary McCloud Rd near town leads to 10 cemeteries that are literally filled with characters. Among them is Joe Vogler, who…

8. Klondike Institute for Art & Culture

1.29 MILES

The Klondike Institute for Art & Culture is part of Dawson's thriving arts community. It has an impressive studio building, galleries and educational…