Dawson City

A 15-minute walk up King St and Mary McCloud Rd near town leads to 10 cemeteries that are literally filled with characters. Among them is Joe Vogler, who fought to have Alaska secede from the US. He was buried here in 1993, having vowed never to be buried in an Alaska that wasn't free.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Dawson City attractions

1. Crocus Bluff

0.07 MILES

Near Dawson's cemeteries, there's a short path out to pretty Crocus Bluff, which has excellent views of Dawson and the Klondike and Yukon Rivers. If…

2. Robert Service Cabin

0.25 MILES

The 'Bard of the Yukon,' poet and writer Robert W Service, lived in this typical gold-rush cabin from 1909 to 1912. Each day in season there are dramatic…

3. Jack London Museum

0.28 MILES

In 1898 Jack London lived in the Yukon, the setting for his most popular stories, including Call of the Wild and White Fang. At the writer's cabin there…

4. Dawson City Museum

0.39 MILES

Make your own discoveries among the 25,000 gold-rush artifacts at this museum. Engaging exhibits walk you through the grim lives of the miners. The museum…

5. Commissioner's Residence

0.54 MILES

Built in 1901 to house the territorial commissioner, this proud building was designed to give potential civic investors confidence in the city. The…

7. Klondike Institute for Art & Culture

0.59 MILES

The Klondike Institute for Art & Culture is part of Dawson's thriving arts community. It has an impressive studio building, galleries and educational…

8. ODD Gallery


The exhibition space of the Klondike Institute for Art & Culture, this gallery has regular shows.