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Adventure travel

Canoe Canada's wilderness on these iconic waterways

5 min readPublished Jan 22, 2020

Canada is synonymous with canoes. These open boats shaped the nation's history, and now they allow modern-day adventurers to explore remote and wild areas.

Is there a better way to explore Canada's wilderness than from a Canadian canoe? © Tom Robinson / Lonely Planet
Adventure travel

The Dempster Highway: alone with the road

6 min readPublished Oct 18, 2019

Few people see the remarkable, unique features of this harsh northern landscape surrounding Yukon's Dempster Highway; I’m one of the lucky ones.

Few people get to see the remarkable, unique features of the harsh northern landscape around the Dempster Highway up close. © Murphy_Shewchuk / Getty Images
Adventure travel

Never mind the hypothermia: easy winter adventures in the Yukon

8 min readPublished May 9, 2018

The Yukon Territory's exhilarating landscape – extreme and unfathomable – matches the wanderlust of the people who choose to come here.

The northern lights glow in the distance on a black landscape while a tipi glows in the foreground © Mike MacEacheran / Lonely Planet
Art and culture

Canada's Yukon: after the Gold Rush

10 min readPublished Nov 25, 2016

If the bulldozers on Tony Beets’ gold mine ever break down he could just use his bare hands. They are gigantic and caked in dirt, the way God’s must have…

Canada's Yukon: after the Gold Rush