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Start with all that flat: those rippling oceans of grain have a mesmerizing poetry to their movement, the songbirds and crickets providing accents to the endlessly rustling wind. If you're ready for the sheer tranquility of solitude, pick any unpaved road and set off across the country – and delight when you find water-dappled coulees and tree-covered hills.

And don't forget the province's people. Not just the plain-spoken residents of today, but also the people who populate Saskatchewan's story, whether eking out a living off the land, fomenting revolution or taming a frontier.

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Montreal Historic Discoverers Cruise

Explore 22 miles (35 km) of the historic St Lawrence River including the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the shoreline and the islands of Boucherville. Aboard your boat, the AML Cavalier Maxim, take advantage of the sunny terraces and relax while admiring the city, or enjoy the panoramic views from the glassed-in dining room. You'll see the city from a completely new angle.The snack bar on board offers food and drinks including sandwiches, salads, cookies, muffins and juice to enjoy on one of the sunny decks. Or you can liven up the party with a refreshing Captain's cocktail! All food and drink purchases are at your own expense.

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Zombie Scavengers Game - Saskatoon, SK

This outdoor activity takes place in the downtown or metropolitan area of your city. Using a smartphone, you will download an app to help you play the game. You will also be texting with a remote survival guide for 2 hours while you play the game. You'll be given a list of items on the app. You will need to walk around the area and find these items around the city and take a photo through the app to get points. You'll be able to see the "rival colonies" on the app and see how your survival rate compares to theirs based on the number of points you have. Your team will also be given challenges or trivia questions. You will be rewarded with virtual weapons to ward off the zombies and rival colonies once you complete the challenges or trivia questions.

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