Miquelon & Langlade

St-Pierre & Miquelon

The island of Miquelon is less visited and far less developed than St-Pierre. The village of Miquelon, centered on the church, is at the northern tip of the island. From nearby l'Étang de Mirande a walking trail leads to a lookout and waterfall. From the bridge in town, a scenic 25km road leads across the isthmus to the wild and uninhabited island of Langlade. There are some wild horses, and around the rocky coast you'll see seals and birds.

Tours are operated by the Comite Regional de Tourisme.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby St-Pierre & Miquelon attractions

1. Les Salines

24.02 MILES

Old-timers hang out around this scenic cluster of multihued fishing shacks.

2. Maison Jézéquel

24.16 MILES

Located on Île aux Marins, this small museum offers a peek into the daily life of a fishing family in the French North Atlantic circa the 19th century…

3. L'Arche Museum

24.19 MILES

The well-done exhibits here cover the islands' history, including Prohibition times. The showstopper is the guillotine – the only one to slice in North…

4. Île aux Marins

24.22 MILES

The magical Île aux Marins ('Sailor Island'; often translated as 'Pioneer Island') is a beautiful abandoned village on an island out in the St-Pierre…

5. Fortune Head Ecological Reserve

24.74 MILES

The reserve protects fossils dating from the planet's most important period of evolution, when life on earth progressed from simple organisms to complex…

6. Fortune Head Geology Centre

26.18 MILES

Exhibits examine the geology of the Burin Peninsula, minerals and rocks, the 1929 Grand Banks tsunami and prehistoric animals. Kids will appreciate this…