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Congratulations. You've made it to the end of the road, your windshield has culled the insect population and you have seen two World Heritage Sites. After such grandeur, St Anthony may be a little anticlimactic. Though not pretty, it possesses a rough-hewn charm and inspiring hiking and whale- and iceberg-watching.Grenfell is a big name around here. Sir Wilfred Grenfell was a local legend and, by all accounts, quite... Read More

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$35 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Istanbul Food and Culture Walking Tour

Your culinary adventure begins in Central Istanbul near Taksim Square. Follow your guide on a walking through the city to gain a unique insight into the local food culture and try some yummy bites (all tastings at own expense). Stroll along Istiklal Avenue, a bustling pedestrian street that’s home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and clubs, art galleries, cinemas, libraries, cafes, patisseries and chocolatiers. Stop by some of these places to taste some traditional bites like cream puffs, chocolates, sausages and juices. Next, visit the main circle of restaurants on the avenue, named Cicek Pasaji (Cité de Péra), which opened as a theater in 1876. Your next stop will be a small fish market, where you can taste kokorec (grilled, spiced lamb intestines). As you pass street vendors, sample some fried or stuffed mussels or kumpir, a huge baked potato that you can stuff with your choice of toppings including butter, cheese, yogurt, a couscous-like bulgur wheat called kisir, corn, peas, olives, hot dog slices, pickled veggies and hot sauce.Continue your walk to St Anthony of Padua Church (Sant'Antonio di Padova Church) and the Pera Museum. Then, at Pera Square, experience the beautiful view of the Golden Horn, where famous poet Pierre Loti wrote much of his poetry. Feel free to buy a glass of local Turkish tea here before heading down a narrow street where vendors serve lamb liver over a charcoal grill. Next, visit the oldest patisserie in Istanbul, Markiz, where you can sample Turkish coffee while enjoying the atmosphere. Your last stop will be a series of cafeterias serving both international and local cuisine, a popular hangout among locals.

$119.51 Private & Custom Tours

Genoa Shore Excursion: Genoa Independent Sightseeing Experience with Private Driver

When your cruise ship docks in the Genoa port, your driver will take you on a full-day, private shore excursion. Travel by luxury car around this maritime metropolitan city and visit some of the best Genoa attractions independently. See the Torre della Lanterna, the main lighthouse for the city's port and an important aid to the area’s nighttime navigation. Explore the Aquarium of Genoa and discover the sea life exhibitions, the hummingbird sanctuary and more. For lunch, ask your driver to recommend a typical trattoria and indulge in an authentic Italian meal. Then, take a stroll along the historic Strade Nuove, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see the prestigious buildings lining this street. Immerse yourself in the noble history of Genoa as you wander past 16th-century villas and a labyrinth of tiny medieval alleys called caruggi. Visit the Basilica of San Lorenzo independently and see the remains of the old city walls near the magnificent church. In the 12th century, the ashes of St John the Baptist, the patron saint of Genoa, were buried here. Your private driver will then chauffeur you to the Boccadasse area of Genoa, an old fishing village with stupendous views. Visit a lovely church dedicated to St Anthony from the 18th century and take a stroll along the elegant Lido d’Albara. Finish your day with a taste of refreshing gelato (own expense). After a day full of sightseeing, your driver will bring you back to your ship in the Genoa port.Worry-free Shore Excursion:We will ensure your timely return to the Genoa port for this activity. In the rare event your ship has departed, we will arrange for transportation to the next port-of-call. If your ship is delayed and you are unable to attend this activity, your money will be refunded. See our terms and conditions for full details.

$20 Cultural & Theme Tours

New Orleans Voodoo Mystery and Paranormal Tour

During this tour, visit St Anthony's Garden, behind the oldest operating church in the Unites States, the St Louis Cathedral. You will be surprised to hear all the tragic events that have happened at St Anthony's Garden. It was not always as peaceful as it is now. During this tour, you will learn about the famous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and the practice of voodoo. You will learn about the first vampires that came to New Orleans. Your guide will explain the events that brought the first vampires to New Orleans and the steps that were taken by a priest in the French Quarter in an attempt to stop the blood thirsty vampires from escaping nightly when darkness falls to protect locals and tourists. During this tour you will visit homes that belonged to a few of the vampires during the 1800s in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States.Visit multiple locations of unsolved murders and suicides. Hear the tragic New Orleans story of a girl who became known as the ‘Octoroon Mistress,’ whose ghost is often seen. You will be shocked when hearing the entire story behind this location. You will also experience the magical mystery that makes New Orleans so irresistible during this two hour (approx) tour. A real EMF meter - ghost/paranormal detector will be used during this tour.

$30 Kid Friendly

New Orleans Kids Only Exploration Tour

Created just for kids. This tour is a perfect way for visitors to have a babysitter while on vacation and know their kids are safe, learning and being entertained! All children will be given one drink and one snack halfway through the tour. During this tour the group will learn about New Orleans rich history, explore Louisiana's complex culture, learn about our cuisine, see & learn about the architecture that makes our city so unique, and experience that magical mystery that makes our city so irresistible! During this tour children will see McDonogh Elementary school on St Philip Street where kids just like them go to school right here in world famous French Quarter! The group will visit locations where Hollywood Stars have decided to call the French Quarter home & where unforgettable movies have been filmed. Children will also learn about the Historic Events that took place in New Orleans, discuss New Orleans traditional burial practices, learn why we have above ground cemetery's & why by New Orleans tradition the same vaults are recycled & reused over and over again.Kids and adults alike will enjoy hearing stories of Cajun superstitions & spells! They will also get to learn about Louisiana folklore, myths, legends that have been told for centuries pertaining to our city's voodoo, ghosts & vampires! The tour guide will even tell stories of the Rougarou who is said to live in the swamps of Louisiana!During this tour guests will visit over 15 locations during this tour. Including National Historic Landmarks, The St. Louis Cathedral, The Cabildo, The Presbytere, St Anthony's Garden, The Ursuline Convent, & The LaLaurie Mansion known to be most haunted house in the city just to name a few! Each Kids ticket includes the 2 hour tour, Choice of Drink (soda, milk, orange juice, or hot chocolate), & a snack (beignets) at Cafe Du Monde. Adult ticket price includes admission to the 2 hour tour but does not include a drink & snack. All "kids" tours are given by the owner of the tour company who is providing this tour to guests. The tour guide is local, licensed, & registered with New Orleans Safety & Permits. The tour guide permit/license will be visible for parents to see during the tour.