Parc National des Hautes Gorges de la Rivière Malbaie


Work off all those Charlevoix goodies with an invigorating hike in this 225-sq-km provincial park, which has several unique features, including the highest rock faces east of the Rockies. Sheer rock plummets (by as much as 800m) to the calm Rivière Malbaie, creating one of Québec's loveliest river valleys. The park is located about 40km northwest of La Malbaie.

There are trails of all levels, from ambles around the 2.5km loop of the L'Érablière (Maple Grove) to vigorous hikes of up to 11km ascending to permafrost.

A highlight is the boat cruise up the river, squeezed between mountains. The river can also be seen from a canoe or kayak, which are available for hire, as are mountain bikes (each just over $50 per day). Boat tickets and rentals are available at the Le Draveur Visitor Center at the park entrance.

Many people make it a day trip from La Malbaie, but there are basic campsites available. Canoes can be used to reach the three riverside campgrounds. Bring all required supplies.

To reach the park from La Malbaie, head northwest on Rte 138 toward Baie St Paul, then take the turn for St-Aimé des Lacs and keep going for another 30km.

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