Duthie’s Point Heritage Site

Gaspé Peninsula

This historic village in New Richmond, a prosperous little town that retains a sizable Anglophone population, shows what the community would have looked like in the late 1700s, re-creating a Loyalist settlement of the time. At the time of research, plans were underway to restore or redevelop the site; confirm before visiting.

The town itself has an upscale rustic air about it, like the sort of place you'd escape to for a long summer. Though there's little reason to visit other than the heritage site, there are some summer-rental-type accommodations, and places to eat around Rte 132. A pub or two overlook the river on Chemin Pardiac. New Richmond is accessible via RéGÎM Rte 40 buses/shuttles.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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