Duthie Gallery

Salt Spring Island

Hosting regular contemporary artwork shows in its airy hilltop gallery, the best time time to visit this intriguing site is on a balmy summer day when the surrounding woodland sculpture park invites photo-snapping alfresco wanders.

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1. Waterfront Gallery

0.56 MILES

A fantastic artist's co-op showcasing the eclectic work of dozens of island creatives (from throughout the Southern Gulf Islands), it's hard not to find a…

2. Saturday Market

0.66 MILES

At the best market in British Columbia, the gigantic cornucopia of produce, edible goodies and locally made artworks lures everyone like a magnet on…

3. Blue Horse Folk Art Gallery


One of the most popular of Salt Spring's many galleries, you'll find contemporary reinventions of the quirky folk art movement here as well as eye…

4. Salt Spring Island Ales

5.71 MILES

Colonizing a rustic, cedar-built shack in the woods, this microbrewery's standing-room-only tasting room offers a roster of all-organic brews, from…

5. Salt Spring Island Cheese

6.53 MILES

A family-friendly farmstead with a strollable garden, wandering chickens and a winery-like tasting room and shop, this quintessential Salt Spring spot…

6. Ruckle Provincial Park

8.61 MILES

A pocket of ragged shoreline and gnarly arbutus forest on Salt Spring's southeastern rump contains around 16km of trails and the oldest active farm in BC…

7. Japanese Garden

8.62 MILES

This immaculate Japanese Garden was built by locals to commemorate the island's early-20th-century Japanese residents, most of whom were interred in BC's…

8. Farmers Market


The perfect place to synchronize with Mayne's offbeat rhythms, this rustic market in and around the Agricultural Hall serves up lush homegrown produce, a…