Jasper National Park

Top choice national park in Jasper Town & Around

Mountain lions, wolves, caribou, beaver and bear roam freely; glaciers stretch out between mountain peaks; waterfalls thunder over slopes; and valleys are wide and lush, with rivers charging turbulently through them – this is Jasper National Park, covering a diverse 10878sq km. Jasper is far from built up: while activities like hiking and mountain biking are well established and deservedly popular, it's still easy to experience the solitude and remoteness that abound in this park.

Some of the most popular natural wonders, like Miette Hot Springs and Maligne Canyon, are easily accessible, and many more attractions are just a short hike away. Keep a little spare time in your itinerary to take advantage of the many diversions you stumble upon – a sparkling lake to laze by, a snowshoe tour to explore or a moose to watch ambling by. As the largest of Canada's Rocky Mountain parks Jasper will quickly captivate you with its beauty and serenity.