Miette Hotsprings in Jasper National Park during spring.

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Miette Hot Springs

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More remote than Banff's historic springs, Miette Hot Springs ('discovered' in 1909) are 61km northeast of Jasper off Hwy 16, near the park's eastern boundary. The soothing waters, kept at a pleasant 37°C (98°F) to 40°C (104°F), are surrounded by peaks and are especially enjoyable when the fall snow is drifting down and steam envelops the crowd. Raining summer evenings also make for stunning, misty conditions.

These are the Canadian Rockies' hottest springs, leaving the mountain at 54°C (129°F) before cooling down. There is a warm pool, a hot pool and a couple of icy ones, just to get the heart going – so it's best to stick a toe in before doing your cannonball. You can rent swimsuits and towels for $1.90 each. This area is very popular with bears and you'll often see one on the road or milling around the parking lot.

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