Elephant & Tigers Statue

Northwestern Cambodia

The small statue of an elephant and tigers marks the beginning of central Kompong Thom (if you're coming into town from the capital).

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Nearby Northwestern Cambodia attractions

1. French Governor's Residence

0.53 MILES

About 500m west of Kompong Thom bridge is the dilapidated old French governor’s residence (no entry), chiefly interesting as being next to three old…

2. Wat Kompuong

0.89 MILES

This beautiful wat has a colourful and eclectic merging of old and new Buddhist architecture.

3. Kompong Thom Museum

1.29 MILES

This seriously bijou museum (it's one room and a small outdoor gallery) actually packs a pretty good punch with statuary and stelae from local sites,…

4. Phnom Santuk

8.19 MILES

Its forest-cloaked summit adorned with Buddha images and a series of pagodas, this holy temple mountain (207m) 15km south of Kompong Thom is a popular…

5. Santuk Silk Farm

8.75 MILES

Santuk Silk Farm is one of the few places in Cambodia where you can see the entire process of silk production, starting with the seven-week life cycle of…

6. Prasat Tor

14.84 MILES

The largest of the Sambor Prei Kuk temple complexes, Prasat Tor has excellent examples of Chenla carving in the form of two large, elaborately coiffed…

7. Prasat Yeai Poeun

14.9 MILES

Prasat Yeai Poeun is arguably the most atmospheric of Sambor Prei Kuk's three temple groups, as it feels lost in the forest. The eastern gateway is being…

8. Prasat Sambor

15.21 MILES

The principal temple group, Prasat Sambor (7th and 10th centuries) is dedicated to Gambhireshvara, one of Shiva’s many incarnations (the other groups are…