Prasat Bram

Temples of Angkor

Among the many smaller temples found around Koh Ker, Prasat Bram is a real highlight. It consists of a collection of brick towers, at least two of which have been completely smothered by voracious strangler figs; the probing roots cut through the brickwork like liquid mercury.

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1. Rahal

1.83 MILES

South of Prasat Thom is a 1185m-by-548m baray (reservoir) known as the Rahal. It is fed by the Sen River, which supplied water to irrigate the land in…

2. Prasat Krahom

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Prasat Krahom, the second-largest structure at Koh Ker, is so named for the red bricks from which it is constructed. Sadly, none of the carved lions for…

3. Koh Ker

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Abandoned to the forests of the north, Koh Ker, capital of the Angkorian empire from 928 to 944 CE, is within day-trip distance of Siem Reap. Most…

4. Prasat Thom

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The principal monument at Koh Ker is Prasat Thom. The staircase to the top is open to a limited number of visitors and the views are spectacular if you…

5. Prasat Leung


Some of the largest linga (phallic symbols) in Cambodia can still be seen in a cluster of four temples about 1km northeast of Prasat Thom, collectively…

6. Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary

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One of the last places on earth where you can see Cambodia’s national bird, the critically endangered giant ibis. Trips here are run by the Siem Reap…

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The main temple is surrounded by a (now dry) moat similar to the one around Angkor Thom. Once through the grand gateway, the trail meanders past a…

8. Preah Khan of Kompong Svay

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For tantalising lost-world ambience, this remote temple complex about 90km south of Preah Vihear City can't be beaten. It's wrapped by vines and trees,…