Run Ta Dev

Temples of Angkor

Head down below the walls in the southwest corner of Angkor Thom to see the water outlet of Run Ta Dev. In its heyday this once powerful city was criss-crossed by canals.

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1. Prasat Chrung

0.06 MILES

Prasat Chrung, one of four identical temples marking the corners of the Angkor Thom, rarely sees a soul, making for an atmospheric place to seek solitude…

2. Phnom Bakheng

0.79 MILES

Located around 400m south of Angkor Thom, the main attraction at Phnom Bakheng is the sunset view over Angkor Wat. For many years, the whole affair turned…

3. Baksei Chamkrong

0.83 MILES

Located southwest of the south gate of Angkor Thom, Baksei Chamkrong is one of the few brick edifices in the immediate vicinity of Angkor. A well…

4. Angkor Thom West Gate

0.89 MILES

The causeway at the west gate of Angkor Thom has completely collapsed, leaving a jumble of ancient stones sticking out of the soil, like victims of a…

5. Angkor Thom South Gate

0.89 MILES

The south gate of Angkor Thom is most popular with visitors, as it has been fully restored and many of the heads (mostly copies) remain in place. The gate…

6. Baphuon

1.24 MILES

Some have called Baphuon the 'world's largest jigsaw puzzle'. Before the civil war the Baphuon was painstakingly taken apart piece by piece by a team of…

7. Bayon


At the heart of Angkor Thom is the 12th-century Bayon, the mesmerising, if slightly mind-bending, state temple of Jayavarman VII. It epitomises the…

8. Royal Enclosure & Phimeanakas

1.37 MILES

Phimeanakas stands close to the centre of a walled area that once housed the royal palace. There’s very little left of the palace today except for two…