Kid-friendly science and technology museum with plenty of interactive exhibits and gadgetry to delight children from 6 to 16 years of age. There are playgrounds and climbing walls as well as more thoughtful exhibitions meant to teach younger minds about paleontology, astronomy, geology and more. The in-house cafe serves light meals and there's a handy gift shop on the premises.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Museum of Socialist Art


If you wondered where all those unwanted statues of Lenin ended up, you'll find some here, along with the red star from atop Sofia's Party House. There's…

2. Sofia Zoo

1.36 MILES

Lions, tigers, elephants and bears are among the animals at Sofia's small zoo, situated in a park about 2km south of the city centre. There are also play…

3. National Museum of Military History

1.88 MILES

This out-of-the-way museum tells the story of warfare in Bulgaria, with most space given to the period from the 1876 April Uprising through to WWI…

4. Borisova Gradina

2.01 MILES

Lying southeast of the city centre, Sofia’s most attractive park is filled with countless statues and flowerbeds and is a relaxing place for a stroll. It…

5. Earth & Man Museum

2.27 MILES

This rather old-fashioned museum is dedicated to geology, with two floors of minerals, crystals, ores and the like. There are some big and impressive…

6. Eagles Bridge

2.31 MILES

This late 19th-century landmark bridge crosses the Perlovska River and is adorned by four eagles.

7. Monument to the Soviet Army

2.39 MILES

Near the entrance to Borisova Gradina, this gigantic monument was built in 1954 and is a prime example of the forceful socialist realism of the period…