Soviet Army Monument


Built in 1949 to mark the victory of the Soviet Red Army over Nazi Germany in WWII.

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1. National Transport Museum

0.26 MILES

The country's only National Transport Museum is housed in the building of Bulgaria's first railway station. It exhibits vintage locomotives from the late…

2. Pantheon of the National Revival

0.38 MILES

The gold-domed Pantheon of the National Revival was built in 1978 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the deaths of 453 local heroes who fought the…

3. Clock Tower


The clock tower, on the site of Bulgaria's first insurance company, is a popular meeting point.

4. Museum of the Urban Lifestyle in Ruse

0.61 MILES

Built in 1866 this elegant townhouse features some re-created period rooms, with 19th-century furniture, paintings and chandeliers upstairs. Downstairs…

5. Sveta Troitsa Church

0.64 MILES

Built in 1632 below ground level – according to the Turkish stipulation that churches should be as unobtrusive as possible – Sveta Troitsa has a fine gilt…

6. Monument to Freedom

0.67 MILES

This grand sculpture stands in the middle of pl Svoboda (Freedom Square) and is a popular meeting point. The woman depicted is said to represent free…

7. City Hall


Ruse's city hall is a hulking brutalist building from the mid-1980s and typical of communist-era public architecture. Local residents sometimes refer to…

8. Profit-Yielding Building

0.73 MILES

This huge, gloriously titled neo-baroque building dominates the western end of pl Svoboda. Built between 1898 and 1902 by Viennese architects, it was…